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Develop Your ENCOMPASSED Life

How can I help you
encompass your life?

downsizing for good

all things pet care

guidance and insight

all about Paula

When you're self-informed, able to be succinct with your worldly goods, and THE critters are well-cared for,


you can relax and truly be your Self.


I offer my best skills and talents here, for all to witness and partake.


Visit my Sorted Affairs page for all of your downsizing and organizational needs.


View my Empath page for psychic help in navigating your unique journey.

Take advantage of my Critter Sitter page to find care for your pet - fluffy or scaly, four-legged or two-finned,


I love them all as much as you do. 

I welcome you to contact me via email or the simple form below! I am available for both calls and texts, please just request my phone number.



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