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Loving Care for Your Pet

What’s it like to know your




are in loving hands while you’re away?

Phew! That’s right... no worries.


I might send you a silly photo of Bence blowing nose bubbles in his water dish, of Cara Mia riding in her little red wagon, or Aly flitting from one ceiling fan to another in her excitement, or of Sophie hunting down her chirping toy.

As you know, they're not great at selfies!


We have coffee and kibble together (guess who's eating the kibble?) take a long walk at the park, drop by the bakery for a treat, take a nap, then dinner, and another stroll ‘round the neighborhood to remind the other dogs who’s on a walk!


Critter Sitter has it all covered; overnighters-to-daily walks.

Please make sure to call for your vacation or

out-of-town business early….Paula’s busy!

This is sweet lil' Bence, a Critter Sitter regular!

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