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Organizing + Downsizing

My Clients

Maxeen Wyatt

Gyrotonic Cranio-Sacral Massage Therapist 

Bar Harbor, ME


"I made money at my garage sale! I've never been able to do that before.


Paula is compassionate. She is very good at helping me sort one item at a time. I learned that the things of the past sometimes prevent me from getting what I really want in my life. I now let go of things more easily. Either I'll sell it or she'll find the perfect person who needs it more than I do! 


I continue to de-clutter with Paula's guidance because it's a process. I highly recommend working with Paula to create "openings" in your life."

Carla Yount

Fiber Insight LLC Founder

Portland, ME


"Tim and I live and work out of a small house. It was bursting at the seams. I just couldn't get inspired to do any downsizing. Paula provided the motivation and skill we needed. She guided us through the process and kept from feeling overwhelmed.


We actually have more space than we remembered. We swapped two under-utilized rooms, so it’s like gaining square footage! I finally feel in control of my own house again. We love contributing to local non-profits that help people get back on their feet. What a great idea!


We're so pleased with our 6 month maintenance program. That way we’ll not wind up back at square one. Now that our primary living/working space is done, next up is the basement, and then the garage!"

Ayn Allmendinger


Cape Elizabeth, ME


"One of the things I love about Paula's approach is how she finds new homes for things that people no longer need but may be usable to others (partially used spiral notebooks, opened shampoos, etc.).  


Thank you so much, Paula, for teaching this great class. I feel much better prepared to tackle the job at hand!"

An Assortment from a Downsizing Class

Portland, ME

"You were a wealth of information and makes me realize what I have to do and how to do it. I can't wait to get started..."


"Thought provoking."


"I learned that I am on the "right track" and very encouraged to keep up a momentum going forward."

Nola Fennesey

Legal Shield


"My friend Paula Hill is completely committed to helping people while doing good in the community. Her mission has expanded to giving to immigrants/refugee seeking asylum, homeless pets, teen girls at risk, and seniors on assistance."

Wendy Akerlind

Director of Northfield Green Apartments

Portland, ME

"I can’t tell you how many residents have come in to tell me what a wonderful job you did the other day.Brava woman!"

Angie Patenaude 

Bitteford, ME

"I had the privilege of attending Paula's classes on downsizing and gained so much from it.

Paula's class was amazing, educational, entertaining and very beneficial for me. I was one who gathered business cards for my own business but allowed them to pile up on my desk. Through Paula's classes, I learned to effectively organize and utilize them, to "file" them in a more modern way so I can have them on my phone and/or file book for ease and quick  access.

I highly recommend Paula's classes because of her technique, her entertaining stories and style of presentation she motived me to address issues of clutter. As a result I am clearing other areas in my home that bring a feeling or being in control of my life and freedom from piles build up.

Thank you, Paula!"

Tim Yount

Fiber Insight LLC Founder

Portland, ME


"The value Paula brings with her service is much bigger than just declutter. With her service she helped us actually get back use of an entire room in our house that we were unable to use for a number of years. Now it's a guest bedroom. Our basement is next. Can't wait to tackle that one."

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