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Psychic + Business Intuitive

My clients come from within the United States, Brazil, France, New Zealand, Holland, Iceland, Italy, Argentina, Paraguay, Turkey, and Spain - most of whom I haven’t met in-person, but know their souls. One day, I hope to meet each and every one of you, face-to-face, to acknowledge your courage, and the conviction in having a session with me, to accept a life that beckoned you from birth.



"I enjoyed my time with you immensely and feel like I have greater clarity, insight and comfort with all things. It is a good feeling. I will take all pieces of advice. And thank you so much for sharing your Prayer for Prosperity. It is really great to read - I can happily review that a couple of times a day. Thank you so much. I am deeply grateful for your work."



"Hi Paula: I just wanted to thank you for the help that you have given me so far. Your wisdom and input has been of great help to me. I think you are very good at what you are doing."



"I want to also chime in and say excellent work on your blog. The daily entries are so thoughtful and heart centered, a little gem for each day, reminding us to consider things from a healing and empowering perspective. Keep it up!"



"My quality of life has been so improved, my opportunities to heal my own life, and truly be of service to others, so much more possible now - all with the consciousness of doing so, on purpose.


Lovely, just loving & lovely"



"I would like to tell you that you were probably the cornerstone I needed to stop my race in order to dig deep in my fears, my blocks, put them on the surface, face them, learn how to accept them and from there, adjust. That is probably the definition of growing up."



"Lovely, as always, to be in touch with you. I have been practicing being open and actively seeking out the things/people I need to be in connection with, and am already reaping the results of that. Today, I was tired getting up and walked out with the dog, and saw the full moon, still sitting in the sky, and was overwhelmed with happiness - for the place I live, for the life I'm living. Thanks for being part of that. :)"



"In my opinion, I feel better with myself, I feel in harmony. I worked on myself, I am working still. Where it comes from? You! Yes! The fact you shook things in me, the past coming back; then, wondering where all this behavior came from. Thinking, wondering, understanding and especially accepting and just smoothing or denying it was and is the most important in my growing. I know why I had to be where I was, to see myself and to readjust. And, I promised myself to go out more often than I used to not every weekend but at least every other; I felt great benefits during Spring Break; you were right!"



"What sets Paula apart is her wealth of experience in other areas of life and her present, practical way of relaying the message. It comes together, giving you clear answers to your questions, messages from your guides, and a plan for the future.

I liked how she told me what my guides were telling or showing her. I also appreciate how she asks “What is your question?” instead of “What do you want to know? ", allowing me to get clear on exactly that.


She has a way of helping you understand how your current way of thinking or intention could be steered in a better direction. For example one of the many things Paula mentioned that I had recently been thinking about was getting a new wallet and how that is important because it is something that my money touches.  Bringing my awareness to my thoughts and intentions about wealth.


I look forward to her upcoming classes and will continue to get readings from her when I am feeling out of focus."

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Though you are always connected to Source, at times, it is difficult to feel the guidance. Thank you for being courageous enough to dig around in your Soul, ask the tough questions, and be willing to hear the powerful insights to self-wakefulness. Perhaps you see what might stand in the way of getting you what you want.


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