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Psychic + Business Intuitive

Open your heart, be honest and instill integrity. Make your life less complicated and more free. Silence is a gem of a tool. Accepting, absorbing insight and awareness from the Universe, your spirit guides takes a concerted effort.

Preparing for a Reading


I honor and trust our respective Spirit Guides can lead you to the best and most appropriate decision for your life in the now. Areas to ask about, such as (but certainly not limited to):


A Upcoming/ Recent Move

Conflict with family members or friends over circumstances like COVID 

Your Physical or Mental Health

Your Financial Situation

A Love Interest

 Your Life’s Purpose

Your Romantic Relationship

Your Family and Friends Challenges

Possible Future Outcomes

Combating Isolation

Career/Job/Right Livelihood

Connection Past Lives in Your Current Life

Direction for creating lasting friendships









Each day...


Make sure to take time to quiet your mind - your thoughts and feelings (a minimum of 15 minutes of uninterrupted time alone), letting your mind focus on the present, and nothingness. When you are practiced at being in-tune or connected to a higher vibration of “present,” your ability to generate from a place of acceptance is far greater. 


Radical Acts...


sometimes require new choices. Honor who you really are: your values, your dreams, your essence, your “Personal Magic”.

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Though you are always connected to Source, at times, it is difficult to feel the guidance. Thank you for being courageous enough to dig around in your Soul, ask the tough questions, and be willing to hear the powerful insights to self-wakefulness. Perhaps you see what might stand in the way of getting you what you want.


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