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Organizing + Downsizing

Services + Prices

Downsizing Classes

(available in the Denver Metro area)


To fulfill your specific needs, I offer three-hour programs that provide step-by-step strategies. This includes the opportunity to join social media groups for support and follow-up. 


Cost: $115 per class

Individual Session

(available in the Denver Metro area)


Sorting, organizing, and downsizing your entire space (room by room) at your own pace. I will assist in every step through this process.

      - includes consultation (see "Invidual Consultation" description) and removal of unwanted/donated goods

      - follow-up support available by phone or in person


Cost per project: call for quote

(starting at $1,500)

Individual Consultation

(available in the Denver Metro area)


One-time session to help you downsize your private home or office for greatest efficiency. 

      - create a short-term plan for downsizing and organizing, designed to be unique to your needs

      -  receive checklists, storage tips, feng shui methods, two follow-up conversations, and local consignment/donation options

      - I will downsize, assist in selling items online, and contribute to your community with donation


Cost: $75 per hour  

Monthly Meetings

(in the Denver Metro area)


These group meetings will provide emotion support for those going through downsizing challenges or life transitions. 


Cost: $45 for drop-in

          $196 for annual membership


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