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Organizing + Downsizing

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Shopping = enjoyment. Right?

Buying stuff increases your endorphins, which makes you feel elated and ecstatic. But as the closets fill, crammed shelves multiply, cupboards shuffle to overflowing, attic, garage, and basement form pathways, even the bed becomes a crowded surface, its time.


                   I can help you.

We sort, shift, downsize, organize, adjust, play, empty, advance, and evolve, together. 


Empathy is our tool.


                 "How much is enough?"  our motto.


The shame, anxiety, sadness, rigidity, fear, and trepidation are all taken into consideration when I come to help you. 


Your life gets smaller, more isolated, and lonely without a helping hand. The persistence is essential. Encouragement and compassion are keys.


The need to save, salvage, store, and collect is understandable and circumstantial.


                     I know that you are not your circumstances.


I assist with the process of parting with your possessions. The excessive accumulation of “valuable” things is taken into consideration, with respect.


And better still, all of what you'll give up is passed along to someone who needs it and who will cherish it. Those items provide for someone else, who in turn, is ever so grateful.


                      Thank you for your gift of giving!

I am on my 38th move as an adult (give or take 44 years.) I understand transition more than anyone I know. (At least my interpretation from an White Middle Class American Woman’s perspective!)


Downsizing, sorting, collecting, disassembling, selling, giving away, researching, long and short-term planning... the list of my life's education is endless. I have been in the business, originally called Clean Sweep, since 1995.  


Most importantly, I deeply connect with the emotional transitional torches that are lit, until they fizzle-out or get doused with a gust of desperate air. Despair, terror, resignation, instability, fret, regret, sadness, physical pain, sleeplessness, angst, emotional eating and drinking, isolation, and thrill (which looks a lot like Fear’s twin) can seep-in and take over. 


It is much easier to hang onto the negatives, since they tend to escalate as the time to leave draws nearer. In spite of the fact that, more often than not, we have plenty of time to do the work, we distract, ignore, suppress, and move glacially when consistent action is in order.

I get it, was there plenty of time. We should start a Club, have a secret handshake. 


So, here I am, ready, willing, and able to assist. You could be moving to a different space (smaller or bigger is irrelevant), wanting to clear out for a baby’s arrival, a collector needing to minimize, desire some consistent rental income, share your space on AirBNB, or needing to overcome the Pack Rat Syndrome(the current term is hoarder, though I never use that ugly word). 


I match your commitment, speed, and ability, and allow you to choose what is valuable to you, while encouraging you make the best of our time together. 


The idea is to help - not force, coerce, or poke about the non-negotiable items. I want to know what the ultimate goal looks like.  We usually discuss a Game Plan and Budget ahead of time. Knowing what you truly want is the best strategy instigator! 


The end result is near and dear to me - helping others in transition, to make their home environment reflect who they are, not their circumstances. 


I aim to provide goods for those in need, typically escaping a bad situation, so they can step out of their beautiful home (you helped create,) to move forward in life. For this to work, I rely on clients who are giving away what no longer serves them.


Thank you for your contribution!



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